It’s difficult to stay in a relationship that has lots of baggage. While most people will have some baggage if they’ve ever dated before, there is a point when it just becomes too much. Here’s what you should know.


Are you constantly comparing your new date to an old relationship? This is a huge problem, and it’s not a problem with the date, it’s an issue with you. No one wants to hear that, but its the truth. If there was something about your ex that you couldn’t get past, you shouldn’t have tried to hook up with someone who was so much like them. Now, if you just compare them because you are afraid they will end up the same way then it’s a different story. You can talk yourself down from this one, and just try to learn to trust again.

Fighting About The Past

If you had a fight with your partner, and you constantly bring it up, you aren’t giving either of you a chance to get over it. This type of baggage will lead to resentment and will eventually ruin the relationship. If you have a hard time letting go, maybe it’s time to seek a therapist to help you. There’s not anything wrong seeking help from a professional to help improve yourself. Being stuck in the past will only bring further issues that need to be worked through and will just make the relationship harder.