Picking up women is an art. If you use the wrong lines, you come across as silly or as a jerk. If you are too soft though you may never get past the friend zone. If you need some helpful tips on picking up women, continue reading.

Where To Meet Women

Where you go to meet women will play a large role in how successful you are in picking up women. Going to places where mostly married women hang out will not do well for you, the best place to find married women is on a swingers site. On the same note, if you are in your 40s and you go to a college hang out, you also won’t have great chances. If you are going out specifically to try to meet people, keep these things in mind before you end up getting rejected or humiliated.

What Works

Confidence is the biggest turn on for a woman. If you act shy and reserved, you may be able to find a few women, but your odds will be much better if you feel good about yourself. Don’t be cocky though. One of the best tried and true methods is to walk up to a woman and pay her a compliment. Then walk away. This leaves the ball in her court, and forces her to approach you if she’s interested. Instead of feeling embarrassed at rejection, if she chooses not to come over to you, you’ve lost nothing. Above all else, avoid using old pick up lines. Most women find this annoying and you won’t get a great reception with this.