Having a successful relationship is not usually something that simply happens by accident. Strong connections take time to build and both partners must put in some effort to maintain a healthy relationship and ensure its success. While there is work involved in keeping the relationship fresh and strong, there are some building blocks that many successful relationships may already have.

For example, you and your partner might already be very supportive of each other and know how to bolster each other’s confidence and self-esteem. You might be able to rely on each other for advice and for some cheering up after a hard day. Or, maybe the two of you are able to laugh a lot and have a great time together, which is an important part of how to have successful relationship growth.

Perhaps the two of you are even really good at conflict resolution that is effective and free of tears and unnecessary digs at the other’s expense. Since conflict is part of any couple’s relationship, knowing how to keep arguments in check is definitely an important part of how to have a successful relationship. In my mind, these are certainly things that help to make relationships successful and are the ingredients for stability and a long-lasting commitment. Of course, even if you already have these traits well established within your relationship, there is always at least a bit of room for improving your relationship even more. And, while functioning well as a couple is an important part of your success, injecting a little fun and passion into the mix will make it even better.

If you have found yourself in a passion rut, or if you want to prevent that from happening, you have to make sure you fan those flames occasionally and that you two are taking time to have some fun together. Remember, after you have been together for awhile, familiarity can take over and leave passion in the dust. It is far too easy to fall into that rut of coming home from work, changing into your pajamas and relaxing in front of the television or with a book. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but you can’t let that happen every night.

If you are starting to find yourself having this end-of-the-day routine more often than not, or if seeing your bed gets you going with cozy thoughts of sleeping, rather than something a bit more romantic, you might want to consider implementing one or more of these simple tactics that will help you learn how to have a successful relationship.

Tip #1

One way how to have successful relationship growth and stability is to schedule a regular date night and make sure that you both stick to it. It doesn’t have to be every week, but a scheduled date night is important. Don’t let other responsibilities start creeping in and causing you to cancel or you will suddenly realize that your date nights are gone, regardless of the good intentions you had going in.

Tip #2

Partners in long-term relationships often get so comfortable that they start taking things for granted a bit too much. This leads to problems like rarely expressing their love to each other. We all like to hear that we are loved. So, make sure you tell your partner that you love him or her at least once every day. You can make it even more meaningful by adding in a hug or a kiss.

Tip #3

Vacation together without friends, kids or family members. Date nights are great, but the two of you also need extended time together to relax and reconnect. Nothing fits this need like a vacation. Remember, it doesn’t need to be an expensive, exotic location or a trip that involved an entire day of travel to reach your destination; you just need to find somewhere that you both will enjoy and that will allow you to spend time together with no one else around.