Anger has the potential to wreck your personal relationships, if you allow the behaviour to continue unchecked. You’ll need to realize that anger cuts both ways. Yeah, as hard as it is to believe, controlled or managed anger can and does come in handy in few situations. But when you allow the red rage to get control over you, count on stability taking a flying leap right out of the window.

Here are a few anger management techniques that you can use to control that rage and get rid off the negative anger or at least, learn how to live with it.

I’m sure you have heard of the ‘take a shower to cool off». Well, for starters, that’s a cliché and it rarely works and only serves to make you angrier as you have not had the time to deal with the «issue». Anyway these six anger management techniques should allow you to deal with residual anger and enable you to reconcile any differences. Yeah, that sounds like a line from Dr. Spock in the house, but believe me, these anger management techniques work.

When it comes to anger management techniques, you need to start the process by analyzing your anger. Try to figure out the exact cause for your anger. This can help you to address the core issues and allow you to come to terms with the problem, way before it gets to the «crazy zone». There are sure to be few instances where you may have agreed to undertake something, just so you can avoid conflict with someone. Sure, sounds like a great way to deal with anger, right? Not! Here’s why, by doing so, all that you would be doing is building up a huge reserve of residual anger, making you a walking time bomb, set to go off at the slightest emotional trigger.

The healthier way to deal with this problem would be to put your foot down and refuse to oblige, given your decided lack of interest. Of course, if the person on the other end happens to be your boss, guess it’s time to grit those teeth and agree to do so.

Another important anger management technique, is learning to say «No» without offending anyone and at the same time, getting your point of view across. You could opt to explain why you don’t want to do something in simple terms. When opting to do so, you’ll need to take care of your body language.

Make sure you look the person in the eye to communicate firmness. You can sport an easy demeanour and a controlled tone which will ensure that the person does not feel challenged into an argument.

The fourth of our anger management techniques is to negotiate and look for alternative solutions acceptable to all concerned to avoid any heated arguments, unresolved anger issues.

The fifth and one of the most important anger management techniques is to carry a positive attitude through life. All right, I’ll admit that trying to think positively all the time just doesn’t fly for the simple reason; we’re not tuned to do so. But instead of putting a positive spin on everything, try to handle the conflict in positive terms. Yes, having a pessimistic view will affect the way you behave as it causes you to become nervous, leading you to question your decisions – sort of second guessing your moves.  
The last of our anger management techniques is coming to terms with the fact that everything will not be to your liking. You need to accept that you cannot micro-manage everything and that some things are just beyond your control. Once you have accepted this, learning to let go of your anger becomes easier, as you have already come to terms with the facts that things can be different and need not fit your view of what’s right and what’s not.  

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