What is self improvement? Self improvement is all about the journey of self discovery. The discovery of one’s weaknesses, the discovery of the ability to improve the weaknesses, the discovery of the methods of improvement and most importantly the discovery of the fact that improvement can be carried out from within oneself or then importance of mind control.

Discovery of one’s weaknesses

The journey of self improvement always start with the discovery of one’s own weaknesses. The discovery of our lack of certain ability comparing to the others or we feel that we are inferior to someone of the same standard and status. The discovery of this weaknesses can be either in physical form or non physical form. Examples of physical form refers to our own physical appearance (including size, built and looks), athletic capabilities (sports, reflexes, stamina and etc) and material possession (money, property, car and status). Non physical form refers to some thing that we cannot see but its existence can felt. Examples of non physical form are mental abilities (including memory, IQ and EQ), special traits (such as leadership, communication and human relation) and special senses (telekinesis, telepathy and etc).
Often than not, we become conscious our own weaknesses at very young age due to comparison. Children as young as 1 year old is able to difference their own ability from their peers when placed along side with each other. As we grew up, we learn to compare these abilities to the standard set by our society. We put values and measure this ability against the acceptable standard and this is when we discover that we are lack of certain ability. This lack of abilities is also recognized as weaknesses. Certain people have certain response to their own weaknesses and the intensity of this response determine on how well they want to raise the value to match or exceed the set standard. This lead us to the next level.

Discovery of the ability to improve the weaknesses

While most people whine on their own weaknesses, there are also a handful of people discover that the have the ability to improve their own weaknesses. This step is a very important step in the journey of self improvement. There are two types of people who react differently to their own weaknesses. The positive type will acknowledge their own shortcoming and the negative type will blame others for their lack of ability. The positive type will start to look for all the alternatives to improve their weaknesses regardless how hard they may be and they will keep on looking until they find the solutions to their weaknesses. The negative will keep on whining and hope that things will become better or luck to improve their weaknesses. Therefore our attitude plays a very important role towards our the journey of self improvement.   Only positive people will be able to discover that they are in control and they have the choice to improve their own ability.

Discovery of methods of improvement

After knowing that we have the ability to improve ourselves, the next steps is to match our own shortcoming against the most effective improvement methods. For example, if you are not good in playing a particular sports let say soccer and you want to improve the skill. There are many ways or methods you can use. You can increase the frequency on playing soccer with your friend, you can also join a club or you can even hire a couch to improve your skill. The question is how effective a particular method to improve your skill.

Choosing the methods of self improvement is very important as this will shorten the time taken to raise your shortcoming. Below are some of the tips you can use in choosing the method of self improvement.

Basically the methods chosen must:

  1. Methods must be effective and match your weaknesses.
  2. It does change your life style completely and easily adaptable.
  3. Must have a time frame.
  4. Cost effective.
  5. Systematic and instruction is clear.

The above tips will help you choosing the correct methods regardless on what is your shortcoming. However the most important discovery in the journey to successful self improvement is that it start from your own mind.

The importance of mind control in self improvement

The last most important thing in the journey to a successful self improvement is mind control. We can choose to try every available methods to improve ourselves but it will not work if we do not have a certain degree of mind control. Mind control in self improvement has two elements, the first element is having a good discipline when implementing the self improvement methods. For example, if you are overweight and found that one of the most effective way is to jog for 30mins a day. Now, the most important thing is to discipline yourself to allocate 30mins each day to jog. You may have identify your problem and methods to improve it but without mind control, all the earlier effort will not see the daylight.

Another element of mind control refers to your ability to visualize the end result. Tons of studies has proven that if you want to achieve something positive, you must visualize the end result that you desire. By visualizing the end result, you indirectly instruct your mind to achieve what you want. Take the above example, if you want to slim down with less effort, you can visualize yourself as slim and sexy every time you go to sleep or whenever you are free. This effort will aid you to achieve your self improvement in a shorter and meaningful way regardless of what improvement you want to make.

Below are some of the related topic that is able help you in exerting and strengthen your mind control.

  1. Self hypnosis
  2. Positive thinking
  3. Emotional Intelligent

We will in time expand all the topic below to further assist you to improve yourself.