All love relationships ultimately fall into 4 different relationship scenarios. Find out which category that your own fall into in this article. Relationship Defined Let us begin by having an understanding of the meaning of relationship. According to one dictionary definition of relationship, it means:

  1. State or instance of being related.
  2. A connection or association (good working relationship).

Going by the above definition of relationship, different forms of relationships exist. There is the father son relationship, mother daughter relationship, doctor patient relationship, adult nursing relationship, employer employee relationship and customer relationship management. Similarly, there is also the relationship among lovers. lt is this sort of relationship existing between lovers that is discussed in this web page. Hence, in our consideration of this topic, the focus shall be strictly on the relationship between lovers and married couples. Relationship Scenarios All love relationships ultimately fall into one of the following scenarios: Relationship Scenario One: ln this first relationship scenario, there is mutual love right from the onset of the relationship, which simply continue to grow stronger by the passing day as the couple develop a greater understanding of their individual unique nature and their endearing personal qualities.

This sort of relationship is what many people would refer to as”love at first sight”. But, it is a proven fact that many”love at first sight”relationships have broken up faster than they were begun. So, this is not a”love at first sight”relationship. Far from it. It is a relationship with a solid foundation. This is the sort of relationship whose future is as guaranteed as it is certain that the sun will set today and will rise tomorrow. And why is that? Simple. It is because the relationship has true love as its unshakable foundation, while mutual respect, commitment and understanding serve as the basic pillars holding the relationship together. Relationships of this kind are very rare indeed. By my personal estimates, the percentage of couples who get it”just right”in their relationships account for only 5% of all love relationships. Relationship Scenario Two: The second relationship scenario is what l refer to as the”doubting Thomases”kind. Couples of these sort are just too afraid to commit themselves 100% to the relationship, perhaps due to fear of suffering a heartbreak.

Thus, the couples express a”doubt”, either consciously or sub-consciously, as to the workability of their relationship. So, what happens thereafter? The couples continue to hang on desperately to old flames or cheat on their partners on the side. And even when these couples eventually do marry, the negative attitude which has become well-entrenched during dating and courtship is carried over onto marriage. Is it any wonder that such relationships break up within a very short time after they are begun? However, it should not surprise any one that relationships of these sort break up within a short time though. The relationship simply had no foundation upon which to stand. Additionally, the couple expected the relationship to fail.

So, why should it succeed against such a limiting factor? Relationships of these sort account for at least 45% of all love relationships. Relationship Scenario Three: ln this third relationship scenario, the couple actually thought they were in love at the onset of their relationship. This is the classical example of a”love at first sight”relationship. The couple were drawn to each other for the wrong reasons – beauty, wealth and fame – and not due to any strong mutual values and personal qualities which the couples shared in common. Yes, a foundation existed quite alright, but it was a very shaky one indeed. And, of course, the couple, like everyone else, desire that their relationship succeed – but only on their own terms. There must be an unending beauty, wealth and fame for the relationship to continue without a hitch. But, you and l know that life can be a bitch sometimes – and it is not always fair.

Things which have been going on smoothly can suddenly take a nose-dive as if overnight and the couple are suddenly forced to come to terms with the bitter reality that life is not a bed of roses after all. So, what happens when the beauty, wealth and fame which brought the couple together suddenly disappear? Break up, of course! And what about couples who got married because one or the two of them wanted to”have children and start a family”.

What if having children become unduly delayed for the couple? What happens then? You can now see how this relationship scenario can easily be a source of worry and concern for the couple whose major reason was to immediately start having children and start a family. And who told you that two people who genuinely love themselves do not constitute a”family”? But, am l against having children in a marriage? No! Good heavens, NO! What l am simply saying is that it should not form the sole basis for going into marriage. After all, if having children have become near impossible for a couple they could adopt a child – if it will bring any joy to their relationship. lt is true that children are a blessing to married couples, but it is equally true that couples already knew themselves long before the arrival of their children. And if they happen to be granted the gift of reaching old age together, the couple will still be together – just the two of them – long after the children have all grown up and left home.

So, why allow having or not having children come in between the love they have for each other? (For more info on the sadness and pains that childless married couples undergo and how to overcome them, please see the following web page: childless married couples – the sadness and pains they endure and how to overcome them. This sort of relationship is what l refer to as the”fair-weather”relationship and they account for about 30% of all love relationships. Relationship Scenario Four: This last relationship scenario is what l refer to as the mis-match relationship and is perhaps the worst kind of all the relationship scenarios highlighted here. There is love in the relationship quite alright, but it is one-sided.

Only one of the couple is committed to making the relationship work, while the other person is an”onlooker”, a”sleeping partner”, in the relationship who simply cannot be bothered. And usually it is the female who express this strong desire to make the relationship work, but that is not to suggest that the reverse has not equally proved to be true in some relationships. However, this scenario does not represent true love at all because true love is never one-sided. I believe that you have heard, read or watched the moving story of Romeo and Julliet, Jack and Rose, and the Valentines. Those are examples of true, genuine, undying love mutually expressed by the couples in the relationships. Relationships of this sort where there is true, genuine, undying love are commonly referred to as”50-50 love”. On the other hand, a one-sided love relationship is always characterised by grief, sadness and pains on the part of the partner who is fully committed to making the relationship work.

That is no love at all, much less true love. It is stupid love, as far as I am concerned. lf you are in this sort of relationship, l’m sorry, l cannot help it. I just have to be blunt. No matter how sincere and genuine your professed love for your partner is, you do not have a place in”his” love life. And as long as you continue to impose yourself upon him unappreciated, married or not, the longer you will continue to feel dejected, sad and miserable. This sort of relationship scenario account for at least 20% of all love relationships. And this happen to be the worst kind of relationship scenarios because everyone connected to the committed partner mount pressure on her to break up with the unloving partner.

In the end, she suffers alone because everyone she turns to for comfort, instead of giving her the needed comfort, have only one advice to give: “break up with him!”And what is my own advice? “Break up with him – married or not!”Do you need further information on other forms of relationship scenarios? If so, other relationship scenarios are explained in breath-taking detail and in its proper perspective in this record-breaking and wonderful new 77-page e-book, The True Meaning of Love by Kome Itoje. By the time you finish reading this e-book, your understanding of various love relationship scenarios would have taken a completely new dimension. This e-book is in pdf format and you will need the PDF software installed on your computer in order to be able to read it. Additionally, you can obtain your own personal download completely free and without any charge whatsoever. Simply, click this link to claim your personal free download of the e-book, “The True Meaning of Love”now.