Preventing premature ejaculation is one topic that’s sure to send you scampering for cover, the one topic you can’t bring up in a discussion without everyone thinking you’re less of a man for having done so. Every time you open the topic with the words «lift off without sanction», you’re bound to get the usual dosage of bad jokes and irritating tips on how to avoid it, from herbal remedies to weird and unusual ideas. If you have been experiencing premature ejaculation, you’ll need to understand that it’s more common than you would have thought, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You may have been prepping for an intensive session of lovemaking and discover that you’re not able to seal the deal, so as to speak. Yeah, it can be a letdown, that’s a given and if this problem keeps reoccurring, then you have an issue, one you need to deal with right away. The reasons for premature ejaculation are many from anxiety to a sudden case of nerves. Here are a few tips to help you prevent premature ejaculation, from dealing with the stress of making love to some of the other factors contributing to the problem at hand.

Premature ejaculation can happen on account of pre-teen pressures. Think about it, you’ll be busy stimulating yourself in the washroom; soon someone walks in and you need to wrap up things in a hurry. This pattern of repeat «quickies» sets in and soon, you’re not able to control your excitement as you come prematurely. The problem can also result from pre-lovemaking pressures, increasing your anxiety to a stretching point that you’re no longer able to control yourself. Try some breathing exercises to help you relax and gain control over anxiety fears or over excitement. Do the fish – translated that means start breathing deeply and soon, you should be able to lift-off in perfect synchronization with your partner. Remember, a normal lovemaking session can extend over half an hour, so yeah; it pays to control your reflexes especially if you’re intent on pleasuring your partner.

Time your movements, now that’s a phrase you’ll need to give some serious consideration. The next time you feel you’re in the verge of lifting off prematurely, you may want to take a moment, think about anything not related to sex or count to ten and continue. The whole idea here is that by doing so, you should be able to continue making love for longer durations than what goes for the norm.

At the moment, there’s no proven medical method for preventing premature ejaculation, though there are a few herbal remedies being sold retail. Since this condition can be caused by various factors, developing a cure for the same continues to be a challenge. But there are a few quick remedies you can opt for, to help you gain control over a love life that seems to be heading nowhere.

Masturbation: Though considered taboo by many people worldwide, masturbation is one of the best ways of preventing premature ejaculation. With masturbation, your sexual libido gets used to being aroused and released. This will stop one of the main reasons of premature ejaculation – long timeframes between sexual intercourse.
Foreplay: Foreplay is another way of preventing premature ejaculation. If you opt for a well themed foreplay before and during the lovemaking, your body gets used to the idea of being aroused for longer timeframes, so the chances of anything prematurely going off is less.

Another way of preventing premature ejaculation is by the squeeze method. Personally, I would prefer not to try this method for obvious reasons. But if the above two methods do not do the trick, you’ll have to get your partner to give your head a squeeze, just enough to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Considering the nature of the problem, it’s better if you handle the squeeze part on your own.

Preventing premature ejaculation can be achieved in a completely different way,  by using special creams currently available in the market. These creams, known as desensitizing creams, can be applied on the problem area causing that part of your body to go numb, in a matter of seconds. It should help prevent the problem. But you need to realize that the root cause is more psychological than physical, so you may need to handle this problem on both fronts.

However, the best method, rather than fiddle around with creams etc., is to train your mind. After all, a lot of sex is in the mind, and mental control is the first prong in a three pronged attack put together by sex therapist Matt Gorden. In his program, “Ejaculation trainer. com”, he teaches techniques to control your thoughts, preventing premature ejaculation. There’s more. Gorden’s other two prongs are hormonal control, in which he recommends diet and supplements that help release natuaral chemicals in your brain, which again help you last. The third prong is all to do with your physical approach – what to do and what NOT to do,  in satisfying your partner and preventing premature ejaculation. Recommended.