Powerful self-help involves using a set of techniques that you have tried before and have had a good deal of practice with. The self-help techniques can be of your own devise or you can follow some devised by others. These self-help methods are meant to ease all your encounters with crises, conflict, disaster etc. These techniques use our self-awareness and our knowledge of body, mind and ourselves alike.

How to activate the powerful self-help response?

To activate the powerful self-help response we need to align different layers of our consciousness and bodily responses to make up a coherent response to any of the situations mentioned above. This inner alignment is meant to power our focus of mind, awareness or leadership skills to get to our goals and dreams making consistent progress and with minimum stress. If your particular lifestyle is developing in a frantic manner and there are just too many stressful moments in your life, here are few self-help techniques that you can use effectively: Learn to breathe Breathing techniques have been for thousands of years, part of all kind of sporting rituals, religious rituals and yoga for example. Fast, easy way to align on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels, breathing is important to connect, rebalance and remain aligned with our deepest center during our hectic, challenging days. Breathe deeply and fully for several minutes, throughout the day. Breathe in peace, wisdom, love, abundance, joy and fun. Breathe out worries, anxieties, sadness, fear and hurt. Self-talk check Check your thoughts and discourse to eliminate all the negative thoughts, disturbing images etc.

Do the same with your discourse, be it private of public. Negative thinking and negative discourse influences your brain frequency and leads you to negative situations, conflicts, fear and so on. Of course, reprogramming your thoughts takes discipline, but once you have become used to it will certainly become less arduous, even simple in the long run. The relevant power self-talk technique here is be to instantly change from the negative mood to a positive, more goal and self-aligned energy. For example, if the limiting self-talk is”I am not good enough”, by simply using the Law of Polarity, you can turn that around and say, “I am brilliant and easily express my magnificence in all areas of my life.”Play with this until you come up with your own personal self-talk gems that you can use to instantly realign your focus everyday. Taking your emotional temperature One of the most powerful self-help techniques is taking the temperature of your emotions.

This means finding the frequency on which your emotions are emitted at one particular time. Tuning into your emotional frequency will allow you to asses it in relation to all the aspects of your life. This means you will have more knowledge of how your emotions will interact with your life. Increase of knowledge will directly follow with an increase in your ability to control your life. A very simple way to increase the levels of your awareness is to keep a journal, preferably using the ‘’morning pages technique’’. It implies writing around three pages every morning right after you woke up. It is essential that none of what you have written would be read for at least one month. Analyzing the journal after this period of time will reveal many of your deepest concerns, desires and fears that can be addressed to strengthen inner alignment. Emotional temperature checks, emotional release and alignment of emotions are basic self-help and leadership skills used to clear, release, harness and direct your emotional power in the right direction. As we take constant care of ourselves in a thorough, holistic way, the quality of our lives will dramatically improve and reflect increased balance, wholeness and effectiveness.