The need to exercise the utmost online romance caution has become paramount nowadays as a result of the dangers associated with the internet. Frankly speaking, there is no denying the fact that the internet has become a potent force in all facets of human activity, including dating and romance. Thus, interactions between the opposite sex is quite common nowadays on the internet – necessitating the need to exercise the utmost caution online. So, do yourself a huge favour. Be on guard online! Against the backdrop of the dangers associated with online romance, this article examines in breathtaking detail of what should be done to avoid emotional heart break and disappointment in online relationships. Hence, this article examines the need for individuals to be very cautious while dating on the internet. We will similarly look at various reasons why people need to be on guard as well as examine some tips on online romance. The Dangers of Online Dating When people of the opposite sex come together and interact often enough, it is inevitable that they are bound to become emotionally attached to one another as time goes by. And sure enough and soon enough it happens that guys start taking notice of online girls and in many instances initiate love conversations with them. Casual conversations is subsequently taken to a whole new plateau and becomes very deep and engaging. Before long, guys and girls become emotionally involved in the relationship. And better believe it, when it comes to emotions, distance is of no relevance.

owever, people do not respond to online dating and romance on the same levels. Rather, while some”fall”so deep, others simply see it as a game and are into it for totally selfish reasons. It would be funny indeed if it actually were simply an online game engaged in by members of the opposite sex. ln that case, the rules of the game would be clearly spelt out and those involved in the game would know when the game has ended and who won or lost. But no, it is not. Emotions that are very deep have become sorely involved in the affair. And of course, it is certainly no game when individuals play on the emotions of others under false pretence of being in love with such ones for financial gain (for details on how to recognise and identify when love is real on the internet, see Online Dating Tips…

How to Know When Love is Real On the Internet

Indeed, how love emotions can be so strong and overpowering – even though those involved in the relationship actually live thousands or even millions of miles away from each other! The individuals involved in the online romance become so emotionally attached to their partners that they find it difficult to do anything at all as days pass by without hearing from their online lovers; and therein lies the danger. Once you become emotionally involved in an online romance you stand the risk of suffering a heartbreak and a host of other emotions like sadness, annoyance and depression as a result of the break-up. Therefore, never fall in love or become emotionally attached to someone on the internet unless you are 100% convinced that the person is willing to put his/her money where his/her mouth is. You should also make certain that the person professed love is genuine and real and ascertain that he or she is not just setting you up to rip you off big time, either emotionally, physically or financially. Why There is Need for Caution Yes, why should you be cautious while dating online? The reason is obvious enough, isn’t it? When dating on the internet there is need to excise absolute caution because it is so easy to fall in love online. And why is that? It is because everything is so technicolor perfect.

On one hand, you do not see the other person’s imperfections. You only know so much about the person – only from the unverified and unverifiable information that the person is willing to divulge to you. The person cleverly conceal the unsavoury blemishes about him or herself. In 90% of all online romances, by my own estimates, there is concealment of information or outright dishonesty by either one or both of the parties involved. So, you cannot say for sure that the online friend you are emotionally attached to has bad breath, has body odour, snores in his sleep, is a chain smoker, goes about without changing his or her undies for days, goes to bed daily without taking his or her bath, an alcoholic, a chronic womanizer (player), a compulsive gambler who is indebted to almost all the loan sharks where he/she lives. The person that you are emotionally attached to possesses everything that you detest in someone. Yes, you only know what the person has told you about him or herself.

Panic Button on Social Network Media

Following controversy and requests for a child safety”panic button,”Facebook is launching an application called”clickCEOP”to allow young British users to report worrying or inappropriate behaviour to child protection authorities. This gives kids between ages 13 to 18 a place to report instances”of suspected grooming or inappropriate sexual behavior.”

The application appears at the top of a profile once it is added by a user. Clicking it provides links to the organisation’s website where bullying, sexual behavior or other online problems can be reported.

It is principally aimed at kids in Britain, but spokeswoman Vicky Gillings said harassment reported by teenagers in other countries would be passed on to law enforcement in those places.

Facebook previously nixed the idea of a”panic button”that could be used to report abuse, arguing that it would attract false reports (and no doubt concerned that it might scare users). Facebook has said that the social networking site does not view the app as a”panic button,”per se. The app is opt-in, so young people choose to download it/bookmark it to their page in order to use, a spokesperson told Mashable.

The button, aimed at children and teenagers, will report abuse to the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) and Facebook.

Once installed, the application appears on their homepage to say that “they are in control online”.

The launch follows months of negotiation between Ceop and Facebook. lt will recalled that Ceop, the government law enforcement agency tasked with tracking down online sex offenders, called for a panic button to be installed on social networking sites last November (2009).

Bebo became the first network to add the button with MySpace following suit, but Facebook resisted the change, saying its own reporting systems were sufficient.
In addition to the online reporting application, a new Facebook/Ceop page is being set up, with a range of topics that, it is hoped, will be of interest to teenagers, such as celebrities, music and exams. It will link these subjects to questions about online safety.

A Sad Real-Life Scenario

The need to exercise the utmost caution when dating online at social networking media sites cannot be emphasised often enough. This is because there are so many no-good elements lurking around internet dating sites nowadays. And often times their victims happen to be naive and inexperienced teenagers. To illustrate the dangers of unbridled online romance and dating, especially for teenagers and young adults, here is a sad real-life scenario of how a teenager named Ashleigh Hall fell into the hands of a sex predator on a social network media. Sometime in late September or early October of 2009 Ashleigh was attracted by a picture of a handsome young man that the sex predator Chapman had posted on Facebook. Posing as a teenage boy, the 33-yr old Chapman introduced himself to Ashleigh as Peter Cartwright. Ashleigh, in her innocence, immediately accepted Chapman as a friend and thus began the ill-fated romance which eventually led to the brutal rape and murder of the young girl by Chapman within a month of their meeting on the internet. Just prior to her leaving home to honour the date with Chapman, Ashleigh told her mother she was going to sleep at a friends house. Within hours she had been kidnapped, raped and killed by Peter Chapman who dumped her body in a field close to a Little Chef restaurant on the outskirts of Sedgefield, Co Durham.

According to the Police, the killer of County Durham teenager Ashleigh Hall had a sickening long history of sexual violence prior to that of Ashleigh. Do you now see the need to exercise the utmost online romance caution? Chapman has since been sentenced to at least 35 years in prison by Judge Peter Fox QC. See the full story here and here. A former prostitute who was held hostage by the Facebook murderer Peter Chapman and repeatedly raped at knifepoint during a 15-hour ordeal has spoken of her bitter regret at allowing him to walk free. She said she felt responsible for Ashleigh’s death. See more on this at”My guilt at letting that evil man walk free: Prostitute held hostage for 15 hours by Facebook killer speaks of regret.”Safeguard Yourself Online! From the foregoing, it is crystal clear that there is an urgent need for you to safeguard yourself online.

In the one hand, parents have a weighty and heavy responsibility to safeguard their children from sex predators and drug peddlers on the internet. Similarly, the sad and shocking story above serves as a strong reminder to parents to resist the urge to feel complacent about their children’s activities. Parents urgently need to adopt protective measures on the safety of their children. They should be aware of the company that their children keep both on the internet and offline. Adults too need to be on guard. This is largely due to the fact that love scams are quite common on the internet nowadays. And unsuspecting adults are the primary targets of such love scams; which often cost a lot of persons huge expenditure to finance. So protect and safeguard both your heart and bank account today! Hence, take the utmost precaution while dating and frolicking online. Certainly, it makes good sense to be careful of love scams on the internet. Please see the page Love Scams… Be Aware of the Dangers Involved! for a detail analysis of how scammers operate and some sample love scams. So, do yourself a great favour before falling in love on the internet. Exercise the utmost caution and adopt fail-safe protective measures. l will say it again and again. Safeguard yourself online! Are You on Facebook? If You Are, Then This Is A MUST READ!!!

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