Conviction – Women are attracted to men who have strong convictions and are willing to stand up for them. Having opinions is a good thing and shows that you are not wishy-washy. Being opinionated and being able to answer questions on various topics that show your convictions shows that you are strong, confident and ready to stand by your beliefs, even if someone disagrees with them. Also keep in mind that people respect people who have taken the time and have the self-confidence to make up their own mind and stick to their established beliefs.

Originality – Women like excitement and they are sick and tired of essentially the same guy picking up on them every night. They do not like followers and are far less likely to even notice a guy who does not really stand out from the crowd. To attract women to you, you need to be original and set yourself apart from other guys. Show that you have something unique to offer and women will be interested.

Experience – There is something to be said for maturity, and women do love a man with experience. This goes for both in and out of the bedroom. Having extensive life experience will give you more to talk about, make you more knowledgeable and definitely make you more interesting. Knowing your way around a woman’s body doesn’t hurt either.

Unavailability – Sure, this is similar to playing hard to get, but you want to make sure you do not play too hard to get. Unavailability is more about being just a bit unavailable and cashing in on the fact that people always want most the thing they think is just slightly out of their reach. Another benefit to being a little unavailable is that it shows that you are not needy and aren’t out there searching for the first girl who will pay attention to you.

Passion – Having a passion for life and being present in the moment as you fully enjoy each day is an attractive quality that women appreciate. If you embrace the concept that life is about the journey, not the destination, women will be drawn to you. Live your life with passion and your luck with the ladies is sure to improve.

Danger – While there is no reason to run around risking your life every chance you get, women do like guys who are just a bit dangerous. Danger is exciting and energizing – not to mention, hot – which is why so many women love bad boys. Work on adding an element of danger to your personality and you will significantly improve your attractiveness to those women who simply cannot pass up a bad boy.

Generosity – Generosity is about so much more than giving gifts. In fact, while being generous is a good thing, you should keep an eye on your gift giving to make sure that it isn’t going overboard and to make sure you aren’t giving things to people in an effort to make them like you. That type of generosity, which isn’t true generosity anyways, is completely unattractive. The attractive kind of generosity is the kind that makes you look confident, in charge and wealthy. This kind of generosity includes buying a round of drinks when out with friends or making donations to charitable organizations.
Buying drinks for your group is obvious and shows your generosity immediately. Donating to charity can score you major points with women, but it can be a bit more difficult to work into a conversation without looking like you are showing off. One option is to slip it in when talking about issues you are passionate about, which would cover this trait, as well as #5 and #1.

Sensuality – Sensual people are in tune with their senses and come across as warm and engaging. The opposite would be those guys and girls who seem cold and frigid, which is not attractive and not at all welcoming. When you come across as warm and engaging and appear to be in tune with your own body and senses, women will feel more at ease around you and will determine that you are more likely to be in tune with her body and senses as well, which is why sensual guys generally have a lot more sex.