One of the biggest challenges in a new relationship is to convert it from casual to serious. Many women are ready for this step far sooner than men. If a man isn’t ready to commit, many women assume it’s because the man doesn’t care. This isn’t actually the case though. A guy can care deeply, but may express it in a different way. If you are looking for him to show he cares, here are a few things you can do.

Communication Skills

First and foremost communication is necessary if you expect the relationship to flourish. You should feel comfortable enough with him to share your thoughts, fears, and hopes. If you aren’t, you need to ask yourself why. If he isn’t open to communication, talking to him about this isn’t going to help. You may need to move on to someone who is going to listen. You can always tell him that you really need him to communicate better if this will work out. If he cares, he will take you seriously and may be willing to talk more.

Don’t Push It

While being open and communicative is important, harping on him constantly is going to be counter-productive. Don’t give ultimatums unless you are prepared to walk away from the relationship. In most cases, this will be the end result anyhow. If you need him to be more expressive, tell him how important it is to you, then drop it. Nagging will just push him farther way from you, and will decrease the odds of him ever truly caring.