Do you want to know how to attract men? Have you experienced trouble in keeping the interest of your man after the first few dates? Do you feel frustrated with the fact that every relationship after beginning with a promising note ends up making you feel lonely and terrible? If so, I have to tell you that you are not alone. Lots of women experience these problems. I have experienced these problems myself. Now the fault isn’t in you. You are a wonderful and attractive woman. Things aren’t working out between you and men is because you don’t understand male psychology.

Most women fail to understand the fact that men and women are different. Men have their own fears and desires. Women have their own fears and desires. If you really want to attract a man and keep him for as long as you want, there is one important thing you must understand. And that is male psychology. Knowing how to attract men begins with you having a basic understanding of male psychology and knowing what men really want. Without being aware of their needs and thought processes, you will not be able to give them what they really want.

Here are a few things that men find attractive in a woman

If you are able to display these characteristics, you will be able to attract men effortlessly. You will be able to captivate them and make them commit to you forever. Here are the secrets to attracting the right man and keeping him for as long as you want…


Independence is one of the things men really want in a woman. A truly independent woman who lives her own life will be more interesting than a woman who is completely reliant on him for everything. You’ve got to have your own life. That is extremely essential. An independent woman is challenging to a man. And men always want a challenge.

Men always pursue that which is unattainable. If you are independent and play hard to get, you will be unattainable. Your man will do everything to pursue you and will invest more of his time and energy in the relationship. The more energy he invests in the relationship, the more addictive he will be towards you. And therefore he is less likely to let go of you.


Everyone loves a person who is interesting. If you want to capture his heart for good, you must come off as an interesting woman right from the beginning. You must show this by the way you flirt, dress and act around your man. It’s not okay to be like all other women. If you act like one of them, you will seem boring. An interesting personality will come off naturally into you when you stop blaming yourself.

Start showering more love and attention on yourself. Take care of yourself and your needs. Give yourself more so that you can shower more love on others. That’s the key to having a high self-esteem. Have something worthy to pursue. You could have a passion or hobby to which you completely love to do. Talking about your hobbies and doing them will make you a more interesting and desirable woman to your man.

Be interesting in your conversations. Talk about different things instead of the usual old stuff like career and news. Talk about new things and new places. Talk about your passions, childhood dreams, aspirations, your beliefs, etc. These things will help you get to know each other on a deeper level and will make you feel an emotional connection.