I talk a lot about the importance of confidence in men and how this characteristic is both attractive to women and required if you want to be successful in those initial stages of approaching women and dating. Confidence is sexy, attractive and appealing. It makes people feel comfortable around you and allows you to walk through the world in a way that commands respect. Just as confidence is important for you to have, it is also one of the most important things to look for in a woman.

There’s nothing sexy or attractive about a woman who constantly second guesses herself, shies away from social interactions or doesn’t see herself as competent. And when a woman is sheepish and completely lacks any speck of assertiveness, it’s hard to get to know who she really is or to guess what she might be like once the two of you have moved past those initial public meetings and have some private time.

A woman who has confidence in herself and sees herself as competent, attractive and having something to offer will carry herself accordingly. These are the women men are usually attracted to and the ones that you should be looking for when choosing a potential mate.


Feminine women are naturally attracted to masculine men, and masculine men are naturally attracted to feminine women. Because of this, it just makes sense that femininity would be among the most important things on any list of what to look for in a woman – just like masculinity is among the most important characteristics for you to have as a man.

Naturally, this feminine quality includes her physical appearance, since we men do love a woman who looks like a woman and exudes female beauty and radiance.
Aside from physical appearance, you also want those other feminine traits, such as joyful, positive energy, a good heart, a nurturing nature and a supportive spirit. Anything that gives the impression that she will make a good mother is also a part of this. Even if you don’t necessarily want children, a woman who displays the characteristics of someone who would be a good mother will be naturally nurturing and caring, which will extend to how she treats you as her partner. Feminine women like to look nice, take the time to take care of themselves and leave things like excessive corporate ambition and being a hard ass to the masculine guy they are in a relationship with, which is exactly what you want.

Ability to Inspire Confidence in You

As a man, you need to exude self-confidence and security. While it’s up to you to build your confidence to prepare for dating success, don’t think for a minute that you can go through life adhering to the belief that you don’t need a supportive woman to help you feel secure and safe.

While she certainly isn’t going to be your protector – since protector is part of your job description in the relationship – you need a partner who is supportive of your goals, will stand beside you when everything goes wrong and who won’t second guess your every move. You need to be secure in the fact that she will never humiliate you in public or shoot down your dreams.

This is one of those times when statements like, «Behind every man is a good woman,» fit really well. For you to be all you can be, achieve all that you are capable of achieving and get the most out of life, you need a supportive woman at your side who inspires confidence in you and believes in you wholeheartedly.


If you have been of dating age for at least a couple of years, you have probably been in a relationship with a girl who suddenly seemed to become someone else. Maybe she switched religions, switched her story or even completely switched teams on you.
This kind of thing can really throw a guy for a loop and can leave you wondering if everything up until that point was some kind of ruse or if her character is really just so unstable that she could suddenly change. You don’t need your world thrown into turmoil a few months – or a few years – down the line when you wake up next to a completely different person than the one you originally fell for.