You don’t have to be a perfect 10man to get women to find you attractive. While your appearance will play a role in the beginning, there are other things that are more important to women than just looks. If you are attracted to a woman, here are some easy ways to get her more interested in you as well.

Be Funny

A man that can make a woman laugh will always be more attractive than a man who is dull. Women want someone with a sense of humour, this is consistently at the top of the list of things women like. But be careful not to be childish with this. Making silly jokes or acting like a teenager will just turn her away.

Be Confident

A man who is confident will always score better with women than with men who are meager and mild. There is a place to be quiet and shy, and a place to be bold. If you constantly harp on the things about yourself that you don’t like and you have low self esteem, this will come across as poor and she will lose attraction to you.


While a woman doesn’t want a man who is going to be emotional all the time, knowing how to communicate is a big plus. If you are able to talk to her openly, not afraid to show your feelings, and are in touch with your communication skills, you will instantly be more attractive to her. You don’t have to stay up late at night and write her poetry, but you should be able to tell her when you are happy, hurt, and in love.