You probably know this if you’re reading this article, but body-language is by far the number one trait to attract women. Looks help, good clothes help… but if you walk around like a sorry loser, you’ll just seem like a «loser in good clothes». The reason body-language is so crucial to attracting women is because its really hard to fake. Its really hard to have the body-language of a champion, and at the same time be a complete loser with no life. Its also hard to be uncomfortable and scared by women, yet have comfortable body-language around them. Ever hear women say stuff like «he was creepy»? Ever seen guys ask women for advice on how to approach a woman, and their only answer is «mmm, well, uhmm, just try not to be creepy». Not very helpful is it?

What women mean by the word creepy is really a kind of body-language. There are certain bodily motions, facial expressions and way of looking at people that are creepy.

Now here’s some bad news… Body-language is composed of hundreds of little pieces and little movements. In fact, your face alone has thousands of little muscles, and then tens of thousands of facial expressions. Its literally impossible to learn how to display these body-language gestures on purpose. There is no way to consciously stop your self from doing those body-language movements that appear creepy. There is also no way to consciously do body-language cues that are attractive to women.

There is some good news though!

Don’t worry, its not all bad. The good news is that you can guide your subconcious. There is something you can control, and when you control this one thing, it will automatically adjust your body-language in every single one of its pieces. This thing is called attitude or rather mental focus.

How to cause creepy body language

The way to create creepy body-language is simple… Just focus on the wrong things. If you see a random hot girl, and the thought in your head is «Oh wow, she’s hot, I have to go get her, and… and say the right thing and oh god, I hope she doesn’t reject me, but oh wow she’s so hot, I have to have sex with her!». If you have that focus on your mind you will come across as anxious, nervous, stilted and creepy.

How to cause body language to attract women

You can also be seen as extremely attractive simply by your body language. Ever seen a James Bond movie? Notice how he walks? Notice the confident gestures he makes and that sly, cocky smile he has?

His body-language communicates a few things:

I have a fun, exciting, cool life – I’m really good at and have mastered a skill – Women love me, and they love being around me Now, you can accomplish his body-language in two ways. Either you A) Focus on acting-as-if this is true or B) Actually make those 3 true.