Approaching women at the beach is not as hard as most guys reckon, if fact the beach is a fantastic place to meet women.   In the summer there are many single attractive ladies lying around on the sand.   I believe that a lot of guys find it hard approach women at the beach, because they have no thought how to approaching women in the day, they are only used to talking to girls at night  in a bar when they have had a few pints. The most vital point to remember when approaching women at the beach or in any other situation it is very vital to be confident, if you are not confident fake a small confidence.


Most guys believe that if they want to be able to approach women on the beach is they must have the perfect 6 pack and ripped muscles; nothing can be further from the truth. Though it certainly doesn’t hurt to be in shape it’s not even close to the top of the list. When you are at the beach as with any situation you should dress to suit your body type. If you are carrying a small extra weight wear a nice beach shirt or polo over your bathers. Even if you have the 6 pack and ripped muscles you can still wear a shirt to show some modesty and let her curiosity spark on your impressive figure hidden beneath the shirt. As for bathers pick out a cool pair that will compliment your skin tone or structure. If you need some advice on bathers go to your local surf store and question, they will be able to advise you on what’s in this summer.   Make sure you have bathers on so it looks like you are at the beach to have some fun, not just to try and pick up girls.

Opening a conversation on the beach

So you have seen a girl you like and want to open a conversation with her, so here are some tips. The most vital thing to remember when you are Approaching women on the beach is she is wearing very small clothing, this be very distracting when you are first starting out so it is vital you keep your attention on her face and less on the body to show that you are interested in getting to know her and not her body. This is wear most guys fail when approach girls on the beach. Opening a conversation on the beach with a girl is really no different than opening a conversation in a shopping center or at the grocery store. A simple”Hey”is normally a excellent start. On the beach I like to use a situational opener, I will clarify why in a moment. Now because you are a member of our mailing list you will know that if you are going to use a situational opener to look around for something to talk about before you approach her. For me personally and some may disagree with me when I approach women on the beach I prefer to just get her phone number and make contact with her later that day, or better still organize a place to meet later in the day.

If you are going to the beach with your friends you can have girls approach you by bringing a few simple items. For example a Frisbee, Volleyball, Cricket bat or Football. If you do choose to bring any of these so you can land a Frisbee near a girl you like, open the conversation the first time it lands there don’t keep doing it as you will go from guy having fun the annoying guy very quickly.  The simplest way to open this conversation is”Want to join us?”if she say”No thanks I’m……”that’s fine walk away do not  try and talk her into it remember only amateurs beg, plus you were having a fantastic time before without her. If say says”Yes”play it cool and have some fun.


Remember you are on the beach to spend some time with your friends and have some fun, not to hit on girls. Remember some sunscreen to, as you don’t want to meet a gorgeous girl in the day and be too sun burnt to see her that night, plus it will stop skin cancer as well.