Heart break stinks. No one wants to go through it. Some of us seem to experience this more often than others. While there are no guarantees in life, there are ways you can minimize the chances of going through it again.

Becoming Attached

Are you the type of person who feels like they’ve fallen in love after only a few dates? This needs to be examined. You may also want to find a professional to talk to about this. If you continue to fall quickly, it’s going to lead to more heartbreak without a doubt. If, however, you are willing to see that this is an issue, and is abnormal, it will be easier to break this pattern and form healthy relationships.

Who Are You Falling For?

Do you have a pattern of falling for the wrong people? Men and women do this equally. We may be attracted to one thing physically, but end up with something else emotionally. These relationships always hurt in the end. Take some time to evaluate what happened in your past relationships, and why you wanted to be with that person to begin with. You should see a pattern forming. Once you see the pattern, you can break it.

Take It Slow

If you decide to take it slowly on future dates and don’t rush in to things, you won’t become so enamored so quickly. If you rush in to a serious relationship before you really know the other person, you are setting yourself up for more heartbreak.