The ability to tease and be teased – Light teasing is a great way to flirt and will keep her interested and on her toes. If you are quick-witted and can respond to her teasing in a fun, humorous manner it is even better.

Planning Capacity – Whether it is planning outings for you and your friends or planning really cool dates with her, women are attracted to guys who have the capacity to plan events. Being a planner shows that you are in charge and energetic. It also shows that you are a leader in your group of friends and that you are trusted by those friends. Planners are seen as popular and having high social status, which is also attractive to women.

Persistence – Women are attracted to men who have goals and go after them in a persistent manner. Persistence in achieving your goals shows that you have will power and self-confidence.

Respect – This includes respect for yourself, respect for others, respect for her and being respected by your friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Guys who are respected and respectful are extremely attractive to women. It lets her know you are a guy she can take home to meet her parents and that you will always be respectful of her. When you are respected by others, it also is an indicator of your social standing and power.

Compassion – Caring, compassionate men make good partners and good fathers. This is precisely why compassionate men are very, very attractive to women.

Having nice things – While this is more of a characteristic than a trait, having well-maintained, nice possessions is rather attractive. Having nice things indicates that you have power and money, which are two things that are attractive to women. It does not necessarily mean that she is materialistic if she is turned on by your nice car, house or boat; it often simply means that she is attracted to the sense of financial security and your success, which shows that you are motivated and persistent. Men who have nice things generally work hard. Men who work hard are good providers. Women are attracted to men who are good providers. It’s really pretty simple.

Having money – Money is attractive – and not just to gold diggers. Money means comfort and security, which are two very important things to women. Of course, wealth can also mean the promise of excitement and is attractive simply for that reason as well. There are women who will appreciate the security your money can provide and who will find your ability to take care of them attractive, right along with everything else they find attractive about you. There are also women who will only want you for your money. Know the difference and focus your attention on the former.

Being busy – When a woman knows that a man is busy, she sees him as independent and important. Being busy is also a great indication that you actually have a life and enjoy living it. If you are busy with work, you will look motivated and driven. If you are busy with friends, you will look popular and in demand. If you are busy fixing something at your mother’s house, you will look family-oriented and handy. All of these things are attractive to women.

Creativity – Being creative might mean painting, working with clay or playing an instrument, or it might simply mean having that creative spark that means there is never a dull moment when hanging out with you. Women crave excitement and hate to be bored, so if you can show her a good time with some creative date planning, that can work just as well as her watching you intensely work on your next masterpiece or write a new song.
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