Being tactile – Appropriate touch is a great way to take things up a notch, and being tactile is a trait that most women find attractive in men. Lightly touching her arm while you talk, brushing her hair back with your hand as you go to whisper something in her ear or placing your hand on the small of her back to guide her through a crowd are all perfect examples of the types of touch that are attractive to most women. Touching her hair can be particularly effective, as this simple gesture is both arousing and relaxing. This is best undertaken if she is wearing her hair down and you will not mess up how she has it styled if you touch it. Otherwise, that one could backfire.

Energy – This one is both about exuding good energy in a karmic sense and about being energetic overall. Women want men who are not lazy and who come across as having the energy to go to work every day, go out and have fun whenever possible and take care of business in the bedroom when the day is done. This is why women are attracted to energetic men. They want to know that you have the energy to take care of them and to take them out on the town or on adventures.

Charisma – People are naturally drawn to charismatic guys. When you can draw a crowd, hold your friends’ attention and even control the tone of the room with your words and gestures, you will know that you have the whole charisma thing down. Charismatic guys are interesting and popular, which makes them more attractive to women.

Level-headedness – Guys who can keep their cool and are calm and in control, regardless of what is going on around them, are extremely attractive to women. This means not freaking out when something goes wrong, making good decisions in times of emergency or crisis, and not necessarily taking the bait when some other guy is being an ass and trying to pick a fight. Guys who are not easily excitable are appealing to women, particularly because this shows that she can trust the guy to make good decisions, take control of a situation, and protect and take care of her when the need arises.

Loyalty – Women do not want to get hurt, and chances are that the woman you are attracted to has been many times in the past. There are a lot of jerks and creeps out there, which has taught women to hone their ability to pick up on key traits, such as this one. If you do not come across as loyal, you will not have a chance to even get your foot in the door. Loyalty is incredibly important and will get you far with women.

Having a romantic side – Being the type of masculine, independent guy that women love does not mean you should not be romantic. Women really appreciate and enjoy romance, and they hardly ever really get to experience it with most guys they meet. Small romantic gestures are very attractive to women in the time after you first meet; once you are in a relationship, you will need to step it up a bit to keep things fresh and exciting.

Directness – Being direct is an attractive trait that shows you are bold, confident and not afraid of rejection. This powerful trait shows that you don’t have time to beat around the bush because you are important and busy. It also demonstrates that what you have to say matters. Direct guys say what they mean and mean what they say – and women love it.

Openness – You are not trying to prove anything to anyone and shouldn’t really have anything to hide; therefore, you need to cut the crap and be open about yourself and your life. Women love to talk and they love to learn about new people and what makes them tick. If you share information about yourself, she will do the same. This will speed up getting to know each other, creating intimacy and moving to the next level.