A kiss is a perfect way to end a great date. This is also where many people fumble and lose the edge. You don’t want to force yourself on your date and look like a creep. But you also don’t want to miss a good opportunity to show a little more intimacy. Knowing when and how to move in for that kiss is great information to have before any date.

Read The Mood

If the date didn’t go well, it’s best to leave the kiss alone. If there is a second date you will have a chance to redeem yourself. Trying to make a move after a bad date is just bad form, and no one wants to be kissed after a poor experience.

Eye Contact

At the end of the evening when you are saying goodbye, make eye contact and hold it. As you look in their eyes tell them what a great time you had. Also use something specific here to personalize it. If she picked a great restaurant to try, tell her how much you enjoyed her choice in restaurants.

This small touch makes the moment more intimate, and will automatically soften her, making it easier to try to move in.

Light Touch

As you say goodbye, don’t go for the handshake or hug. Brush her hair back behind her ear, or lightly touch her upper arm. You can incorporate this in to a hug if you wish. This also creates a more intimate moment without being creepy.

Tell Her

When all else fails and you can’t get a good read on the signals, simply tell her you want to kiss her. If you aren’t aggressive about this, it could work very well.